QuickBooks Certified

20 Plus Years Experience Installing and Customizing QuickBooks and QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions Software Products

Certified Proadvisor

Why Choose FRI

We have a passion for working with Small to Mid-Size Businesses! Furthermore, we believe most things are best learned on the jobs.

We customize software solutions to meet the unique needs of our small business clients with especial consideration to the industry and established practices.

We are very organized and can assist any small to mid-size business to be run more efficiently saving time of their busy owners and managers.

Key Benefits

Use features of software more effectively saving time and effort. Save 25% to 50% with time to complete accounting tasks. Increase confidence to all staff to work more independently with minimum supervision. Improve reporting capabilities available as standard features.

We have more experience and in more industries

Since November 1996, we have been traveling around The Greater Bay Area assisting 100’s of busy owners and managers by setting up their accounting software to operate smoothly.