FRI”4″U Staff Promises!

#1 We take each staff’s “Interest Questionnaire” very seriously.
#2 We provide a “Caring and Support Environment” for developing quality Small Business Full Charge Accountants.
#3 Our mission is to locate “Suitable Work Close to Home.”
#4 We aim at developing “Long Term Relationship” every time: with clients, with training candidates, with placed staff and with our internal staff.

FRI Staff Testimonials!

“You can’t beat the commute. I work close to home and paid on time!. The “Bookkeeping Organized Office Model” is the way to go. I can get my work done quickly and competently.”
Sincerely, Gladys Zerbe

“The support I receive at FRI is responsive and friendly. I work independently but when I need assistance, I know the office is behind me!” Sincerely, Andrew “Drew” Moock

“I worked for FRI for over 20 years until retiring last year. I have enjoyed to community feel and support at FRI. I have especially enjoyed the annual family invited “Holiday Party” making me feel part of a company not just a independent small business bookkeeper.”
Sincerely, Dorothy Watkins

“FRI’s “BOOM” has given me confidence in my client’s happiness with my performance, which in turn means more flexibility and pay. In addition, the “Buddy System” to cover when needed” has allowed me to take family vacations without worrying how my client is doing helping me fully enjoy my time with family. ”
Sincerely, Radha Rao