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Introduction / History / Development of “BOOM” Model

For the past 23 years, we have traveled around California assisting businesses in dialing in their accounting processes, which results in saving time of the busy owners and their managers.  During this time, it has become very clear that most offices are running far below their potential for efficiency and organization. 

Financial Results, Inc. has learned the secrets to efficiently running any office and we can teach anyone how to master these secrets.

While assisting hundreds of companies in setting up their accounting offices, training their staff on how to use the accounting software and how to effectively maintain the daily and monthly accounting tasks, it has become clear that most clients could dramatically improve their accounting function performance by pre-planning office layout, office set-up, task clarification and activity flow.  When basic accounting tasks are not maintained, companies’ owners and managers are pulled away from customers and business revenue generating activities to deal with non-revenue generating accounting tasks, such as correcting invoicing, assisting in collections, handling vendor inquiries and resolving payroll issues. Likewise, a well ran stream-lined accounting office saves the time of the owners and managers who then are able to focus more attention on revenue generating activities such as working with clients, managing operations and working on business development activities.

In summary, we have discovered the secrets to efficiently running an accounting office and we want to share them with you. 

The BOOM Model = Bookkeeping Organized Office Model

“How to Efficiently Run an Accounting Office”
“Systems Working Together Obtain Efficient Results”

Full charge accounting and timely reporting can most effectively be achieved with an organized accounting office.  The key components to running a well organized accounting office are administrative knowledge, task completion knowledge and software knowledge.  We will teach you not only these 3 key components to running an accounting office but also how to implement our BOOM Model (Bookkeeping Organized Office Model) to achieve “Peace of Mind” the accounting office tasks are managed competently, as well as, teach you how to add value with timely monthly reporting.

A&AME Custom Tools = Accounting and Administration Made Easy Custom Tools

Financial Results, Inc. has developed custom tools for setting up and maintaining the accounting desk of any small to mid-size business. 

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