Empowering Small Business Accountants | Bookkeepers to Dramatically Increase Their Wages, Confidence, and Flexibility to Locate Suitable Work Close to Home

Financial Freedom
  • Pre-Job Considerations
  • Small Business Office Design Considerations
  • Small Business QuickBooks Training
  • Small Business Full Charge Accounting Training
  • Small Business Mastery: Interviewing, Getting a Quick Start on The Job
  • Summarizing our Bookkeeping Organized Office Model Training
  • Finding Success Easily

FRI’s Back Office Organized Model “BOOM ” is the foundation for success in our “Organization Made Easy” approach. From design of your cover letter and resume, how you interview, how you achieve a quick start on the job and to increasing wages, its all easy and works every time because it is specific to addressing the unique needs of the small business environment. “Just get it done” is the emotional and real need of every small business’s bookkeeping office. The BOOM approach achieve a consistent and predictable results every time.

Now in our 25th Year of Operation!

Michael Andrews, MBA – President / Founder

We welcome you to explore our vision and to join us in our mission to provide “Quality Solutions to Small Business Accounting needs, while at the same time, bringing “Peace of Mind” to owner’s and manager’s that their accounting office’s are managed compently.